Best Men's Bible Studies


Best Men's Bible Study

Ok, drum roll please. This is our first article on the best resources for a men's bible study. After leading the same men's group for twenty years and spending untold hours looking the just the right study, here's one knucklehead's thoughts on what might work for your men's group:

Top Pick - Best Bible Study Guide Series

MacArthur Bible Studies by Thomas Nelson
(see at Amazon - Book of James)

Honorable Mention
North Point Resources
Serendipity House

Top Pick - Best Book Study for Men

Man in the Mirror by Patrick Morley

Honorable Mention
Wild at Heart
Experiencing God
Measure of a Man
Revolution Within

Top Pick - Best Bible Story for Men

1 Samuel

Honorable Mention
1 Timothy
Although all scripture is beneficial! I really shouldn't "rank" the scripture. I would say that these are good books of the bible that have a lot of relevance for men.

Top Pick - Best DVD Series for Men

Raising a Modern Day Knight DVD

Honorable Mention
When It's All Over, It All Goes Back in the Box
When God's People Pray

Top Pick - Best Online Bible Studies

Top Pick - Best Bible

Serendipity Bible for Groups

Top Pick - Best Resource

New Testament Lessonmaker by NavPress

Top Pick - Best Retailer

Christian Book Distributors



Best Men's Bible Studies

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Best Men's Bible Studies