Mens Bible Study Topics


Men's Bible Study

Men's Bible Study Topics
by Carl Caton

35 Topics You Can Use in Your Men's Bible Study

Over the past twenty years, our men's bible study has covered a lot of territory. And as the years have gone by, we've seen an increasing number of very high quality books, bible studies, and curriculum available for men's groups.

Choosing the right topics for your men's bible study is crucial. My group meets for fourteen weeks in the spring and then again for the same timeframe in the fall. (I find it is good to take a break during the summer and at Christmas) Because of this schedule, I rotate back and forth between a systematic study and topical study. That seems to be a good balance for a group that  meets year after year.

A good men's bible study topic is something that is relevant for men. While I believe every book of the bible is relevant, I give an emphasis to books that speak to men's issues. For us, that has included Genesis, Joshua, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, Nehemiah, Ecclesiastes, Daniel, all of the Gospels, Acts, Romans, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, and James. In all these books, we find courageous men with lessons to share. Again, let me say that any and every book of the bible is worthwhile for study. This list is just some of what we've covered.

Topic studies are equally important. In this format, you consider what the entire bible has to say about one topic. Here are some great topics that are relevant for men:

Leaving a legacy of faith.

Becoming the spiritual leader of the family.

The importance and the role of the father/grandfather.

Balancing work and family.

Managing God's money - stewardship.

Biblical leadership.

Dealing with temptation and sin.


Dealing with anger, pride, and fear.

Developing your leadership skills.

Getting your priorities in order.

Overcoming overload.

God's plan for physical intimacy.

Developing and maintaining accountability.

Loving your wife.

Learning how to study your bible.

Improving your prayer life.

Learning how to better connect with your kids.

Learning how to write letters to your family.

Discovering your purpose.

How to have godly friendships.

Understanding the importance of the blessing.

Mastering the 'seasons' of life.

Finishing well.

Leading a life of integrity.

Leading your son into authentic manhood.

How to raise strong daughters.

Finding contentment in our job.

Equipping men for spiritual warfare.

Leading your family into missions and service.

How to manage your time well.

How to evangelize in your workplace.

Leading your teens into purity.

Teaching abstinence at home.

How to not be a Cranky Frank.





Mens Bible Study Topics

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Mens Bible Study Topics